Development, design and process engineering

Our cooperation with our clients starts at the design phase, right at the beginning of the process chain. Selection of the right plastic during the parts development and harmonisation of the tool concepts are decisive for quality, price and schedule.Our experienced designers develop the right injection moulding tool based on your specifications. The simulation programme CAD Mould is used for filling simulations. Workstations equipped with CATIA V5 CAD systems are employed for the design of all tools.

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Design engineering

Flow pattern simulation
Before the start of the actual design, state-of-the-art CAE software and the application of flow pattern simulation allow us to analyse the injection mould process of plastic parts. Thus, we are able to determine the optimum injection position prior to the manufacturing of the tools, to balance the gating system, to analyse the fill pressure, to verify the necessary closing force and to analyse the flow behaviour of the plastic material Finally, when considering mould shrinkage and warpage, and even when taking the planned cooling system into account, conclusions concerning the quality of the plastic part, which will be manufactured with the tool, can be drawn well in advance.
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